Stop And Smell The Hydrangeas!

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

RIP: James Arness. Somewhere, Marshal Dillon is still fighting bad guys.

Special RIP Dedication: Should Have Been A Cowboy – Toby Keith

Thank You: A special thank you to all readers who have provided feedback regarding the new Friday Fun Fact format. Your opinions are most graciously appreciated, as well as humbling. Please keep in mind that we are open to suggestions regarding format, and as explained to one of our casual members, topics! On behalf of The Committee, we thank you greatly for your continued support & encouragement!


“Let’s just pause, put that down.

Let’s just take a step back.

No, I was wrong, I’m sorry, take a step forward.

Now, take a step back.

Step forward. Back.

And then we’re cha-cha-ing!”

Special Note I: Right now, Mr. President is desperately trying to recall the movie the above quote comes from. Don’t worry           Mr. President, the degree of difficulty on this one is pretty darn high…

Special Note II: Right now, GregK is laughing at with               Mr. President.

Ladies & Gentlemen (Special Note III: we use those terms loosely.), Members & Casual Observers (Special Note IV: we use those terms seriously), we have just passed the halfway point in the year 2011. How are you doing on the goals you submitted to Friday Fun Fact at the beginning of this year? This is a friendly, supportive, & encouraging reminder to pull those bad boys (& girls) out for a review. Mine are posted prominently in my bedroom to look at every day.

Sometime earlier in this incredibly long four-day work week (Special Note V: Which, by the way, is why this is a Saturday Fun Fact instead of a Friday Fun Fact!), I had a conversation with one of our valued readership constituents. The conversation meandered, as it always does, through a topic or three. It managed to land on accomplishing a goal for a few minutes. This Friday Fun Fact constituent had just achieved a short-term goal, and was taking a little time out in his evening to celebrate. Good for you I say! And like the movie quote, it’s good to pause for a little cha-cha…

We often don’t celebrate our accomplishments enough. It’s not about heading out and getting bombed out of your mind, or… maybe it is every now & then. OK, seriously, it’s not about that, but about celebrating in your own way when you reach a goal, big or small, long-term or short-term. I’m just as guilty of it as anyone else. Regardless of what I’ve accomplished, I never take the time to really enjoy it. I’m always looking towards the next goal, or the next step in the process. I was recently reminded of such by reaching a goal or two. Quality friends commented that I had just taken great steps towards my long-term goals by accomplishing my short-term goals. I can only thank them for once again opening my eyes in the learning process. It’s good to be motivated, but if you don’t enjoy what you’ve accomplished, then what are you doing it for?!

We’re not the only ones. In many of the self-improvement/self-help genre & profession recordings & books I listen to or read, celebrating accomplishments is emphasized. More so in my profession research, celebrating goals & milestones is often forgotten! It’s not good for morale, either individually, or in a team environment. Ironically, I guess this means celebrating is not “accomplished!” We don’t stop to smell the roses, enjoy the spoils of our victories, or whatever other colorful expression strikes your fancy.

So, how do we turn this around? Well, as Friday Fun Facters, we can drink more BEER! That will help! If you take a trip on the way back machine, you can do a better job of applying Project/BEER Ratio to your goals & accomplishments. For example after you’ve planted the garden & those hydrangeas (Special Note VI: I just learned how to spell that word on Facebook today!) spring to life, take a moment to raise a glass!

We here at Friday Fun Fact, with the full support of The Committee, commend our readership constituent for raising a glass in celebration of accomplishing a goal. We also hope that as you achieve your goals set forth & documented at the beginning of the year, that you also take a moment to stop and smell the hydrangeas. Unless, of course, you have allergies…

In the immortal words of the great American fictional character Ren McCormack, “… and there is a time to dance.”


Tunes of The Week:

Celebration – Kool & The Gang

Celebration – Madonna

There’s Gonna Be Some Rockin’ – AC/DC

Party All Night – Quiet Riot

Rock & Roll All Night – Kiss

99 In The Shade – Bon Jovi


Raise a Celebratory Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By A Time-Standing-Still Saturday!


Realizar Sus Ambiciones

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  1. very nice! well done, once again 🙂

    • Thank you, always for reading & commenting!

  2. Very deep thought…

    • Thank You! Hope all is well!

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