Destination Anywhere – Part I: StarRider

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

Happy Birthday I!: Walt, one of our casual observers celebrated a milestone birthday this past  weekend. We offer both our congratulations for making it this far, as well as our condolences for… making it this far.

Happy Birthday II!: To casual observer JohnH. Raise a glass on the coast for us all!

RIP: Clarence Clemons, E Street Band. Jungleland lives on…        


A year ago this weekend, maybe to the day, I embarked on an epic adventure. A vacation, of sorts. Only, I wasn’t really sure I was going on a vacation. And, I didn’t know where I was going. AND, I didn’t even know who was going.


This is the story of that adventure. Or, maybe this is the adventure of that story…

So a darn good buddy of mine gives me a ring. He lives a bit aways from the outskirts ofCleveland– a bit more like the east coast. He asks if I can grab a couple of days off. He was coming to town and we were going to head out together. “Uh, yeah, sure, I’ll see what I can do.” My supervisor is pretty good, actually excellent, about all of us getting out of the office for time off, so we were good to go.

Now, let me intercede, with a comment or two, if I may. Understand, I’m all about these kind of adventures. However, I also like to be prepared for the trip. I wasn’t even sure what to pack. So, I was riding blind on this one…

OK, back from commercial break, we continue with the episode.

My buddy flies into town & I pick him up at the airport.  On the evening of his arrival, we spend our time catching up at a local distillery of libations – just crossing paths with some of our favorite conversations to see where they will take us. It’s good to partake in the night with my old friend. It was one of those nights you see in the movies, or read in a novel – two great friends catching up on personal events, talking music, and waxing the philosophic. He still isn’t really giving me any details. All I know is we are heading out the next morning on a road trip around 10:00am. It’s good timing, as far as I’m concerned – long enough to let us recover from tearing up the night, and yet, early enough that the day isn’t wasted. We head home, with the last efforts of packing what I can ahead of me, and awaiting the ten o’ clock morning hour…

Long abouts 10:00 or 10:15, there is a knock at the door. A little odd, but not completely out of the ordinary. Special Delivery? Telegram? Candygram? FedEx Guy? None of the above. Instead, I open the door to see two of my very close friends standing in my driveway.

There’s a conspiracy afoot.

So, now I know that my friend from the east coast has been in communiqué with the friends that I spend quite a bit of social time with during both the weekends, and the more-than-occasional weekday nights. The friends standing in the driveway, in fact, are part of the unofficially official Thursday night crew with which some Friday Fun Facts are formed or inspired, unbeknownst to them… at least until they read the Friday Fun Fact. This made the impending trip of mystery even more interesting. We hop in the car, & off we go…

As the family truckster headed west, we began to do what friends do on long trips – get into the groove of the open road through with music & light conversation. Daily occurrences, family events, work scenarios, and personal goals & tribulations all work themselves into the mix. In other words, to quote the great American fictional characterDalton, “man’s search for faith, and that kind of $#@!.”

Of course, I still don’t know where we’re going…

First stop on our journey is the famed educational institution, the University of Notre Dame. The stop was apparently a good breaking point for lunch. We roamed the campus, hit the bookstore, and feasted at Legends of Notre Dame Restaurant & Alehouse Pub. An incredible first stop!

OK, I need to intercede here again. To be completely honest, I’m not a fan of The Fighting Irish. When Notre Dame plays That Team Up North in football, I root for the football. However, that being said, Notre Dame’s campus is a special place. I’ve heard sportscasters & athletes often say there is something special when you visit Notre Dame. I couldn’t agree with them more. It was magic to set foot on that campus, and I enjoyed every moment. As we passed through lunch & our visit to Notre Dame, I am constantly aware that special memories are being made.

Of course, I’ll still be rooting for the football…

Back to our episode.

Off we go. Crossing more state lines. Up next is Illinois, I reckon, if I have my geography & my spelling right. Must be vacationing in Chi-kah-go. Looking forward to it! I’ve never spent any time in The Windy City, so I’m up for the adventure. We park the truckster at my friend’s sister’s place. Time for a night w/the Blues. Not that any of us were depressed at all, but we are culturally inclined to throw down an evening of Blues music at a local joint. After all, we’re in Chicago…

Kingston Mines. Two stages. Creole food. Music until dawn.

We head there because a band from back in the day, and a lead singer ago – Foreigner – played there at some point early in their careers. Funny thing, my good friend is in the military, so two were able to get in for the price of one with any military ID. The two stages are in two different rooms, so as one band ends, the next begins, and the patrons get up to change rooms. The music plays on. One conversation blends into another. A night and a time to remember…

By the way, did I tell you that we weren’t staying in Chi-kah-go for the weekend?! Must’ve skipped my mind, thinking back to all of those great blues tunes. A late night, a few more conversations, a very few hours of sleep, and away we go, again…

We have to take our pause here for the day. We’re out of time for this week’s episode! (Special Note I: I love this next part!) Stay tuned to next week’s episode to see just where our journey takes us next!


Tunes of The Week:

Destination Anywhere – Jon Bon Jovi

On The Road Again – Willie Nelson

Living On The Edge – White Lion

Born To Run – Bruce Springsteen

Everywhere I Roam – Metallica

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

Starrider – Foreigner


May Your Friday Be Followed By An Adventurous Saturday!

Raise A Glass!


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