It’s Time For Another Boston Tea Party – New York Style!

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcement & Request:

Your Friday Fun Fact Official Scribe recently landed a very part-time professional writing gig. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but I’ve now taken on a little more of that dreaded word & concept: responsibility.

I’m writing brief articles for a website on the topic of savings & frugal living.

My articles can be found at the link below:

I’m looking for your assistance as I go further down the road in writing articles for the site. Any ideas you have are welcome, as anything can spark an article!

  • Do you buy Schlitz instead of a premium beer, like Genesee Cream Ale?
  • Is your lunch the infamous “hand sandwich” – a piece of bologna & ketchup in your hand – made popular by the then-struggling bands Metallica & Anthrax to save on the high costs of bread – back in the EARLY 80’s?
  • Is your abode decorated by that famous designer           AlaFlea Marquette?
  • Do you Blue Light more than you strobe light?

Whatever the mode of savings for you, please let me know! I would be ever-grateful as I make the jump from amateur to professional writer, so to speak…


Special Announcements:

FFF Delay: The Friday Fun Fact Command Center realizes this episode has been delayed. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way.

RIP: Betty Ford, former First Lady, & addiction recovery pioneer & advocate. Long live your approach to recovery that has changed so many lives…

FFFFU (Friday Fun Fact FollowUp): Last week, many of our readers asked which of my new shirts I wore to work. Orange Crème was the first to have its debut. Reviews were mixed, and although I can be more specific, we wouldn’t want the Friday Fun Fact to be accused of profiling.



Our National Past Time.

America’s Sport.

Although there are philosophical debates based on television ratings and financial position regarding which is actually America’s sport, baseball or football, baseball still holds the vision of Americana drawn up by Norman Rockwell in our minds. Hot dogs, apple pie, picnics, summer…

This past week, Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees cracked a hallowed milestone by becoming the 28th player in Major League Baseball history to hit his 3000th hit. He did it in grand fashion by hitting a home run in front of hometown fans at Yankee Stadium. Normally, Friday Fun Fact would not be discussing activities of any kind related to a New York Yankee. However, The Committee agreed that the surrounding details of this event were significant to report in this week’s episode. (Special Note I: As voted on by The Committee, the Friday Fun Fact organization congratulates Derek Jeter on achieving his 3000th hit. Congrats,                          Mr. November!)

A fan in the stands, Christian Lopez, caught the ball. That’s not really the amazing part. What is amazing is that he didn’t hold the ball for some exorbitant ransom. When the Yankee organization asked Christian what he wanted in exchange for the ball – obviously with their checkbook open – all the FAN wanted was some signed stuff & the chance to meet Derek Jeter. He said the ball belonged to Derek, not him.

He got more than he bargained for. The list of gifts from the Yankees is pretty darn good:

  • Four suite tickets to all remaining home games for the rest of the season, as well as the playoffs
  • Signed bats
  • Signed balls
  • Front row seats to last Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay

He has also received gifts from companies acknowledging his good deed:

  • $50,000 worth of loan payments for his college debt
  • 2009 World Series ring
  • His own baseball card courtesy of Topps

This is what we call demonstrating character…

What could go wrong in this situation? Enter the United States Government.

The U.S. Government, in the form of the Internal Revenue Service (do you know where this is going yet?!) will be taxing the gifts received by Christian Lopez. His tax bill could range from $5,000 to $14,000.

Talk about no good deed going unpunished.

It only makes sense that the IRS would step in to do their “due diligence” regarding this matter. Here is a guy who did the right thing. He didn’t sell the ball for financial gain; he gave it back. When the Yankee organization asked him what he wanted, he didn’t have an answer ready. His reaction was to give the ball back, and maybe get some signed stuff.

What Christian Lopez did was make himself and appealing candidate for job openings everywhere. Instead of “What’s In It For Me,” Mr. Lopez knew the right thing to do in the situation of this milestone event. In his one act he exuded a selflessness that all organizations look for in employees.

Except, maybe, the United States Government.

Can we get a Congressional ruling here?!

Maybe for all those that act according to rules of selflessness, maybe the government can turn a blind eye and not complicate matters further. Maybe, they can just say, “Great Luck to you in your future. We are proud that you are a United States citizen.”

Fortunately, companies are stepping up and taking notice of Christian’s actions. Miller High Life has offered to pay the tax bill AND throw him a FREE BEER party for his “legal drinking-age friends.” The free BEER party is an excellent touch. Leave it to a BEER company to help out and make sense of a situation. Yet another reason to love BEER!

Here’s to the High Life!

As for the U.S. Government & IRS, what do we need to do here?!

I’m always at a loss when I hear of these stories, as this isn’t what our government was originally set up to do. Yet every time someone does something good, and receives a modest reward, I swear I hear the government pencil sharpeners grinding, and the wolves of prey salivating as they have found another victim from which to draw blood. Maybe it’s time for another Boston Tea Party. You know, let the government know what we think about some of the rules and regulations that have been enacted as part of “the big picture.” I’m thinking even New York Yankee Captain, Derek Jeter, will be on board for that…


Tunes of the Week:

Foreclosure Of A Dream – Megadeth

Innocent Days – Giant

Government Personnel – Tesla

Back In The High Life – Steve Winwood

Centerfield – John Fogerty

Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Jack Norworth/Albert Von Tilzer


Raise A Glass of the High Life!

May Your Sunday Not Be Followed By A Monday!


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