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Special Announcements:

Welcome Back!: NFL. We here at Friday Fun Fact are so glad that billionaires & millionaires were able to work out their differences in their argument over laundry money. Isn’t it funny how working as a “team” only works when both parties realize how much money they really stand to lose?!

Get Out Your Dancing Shoes!: Saturday July 30 is National Dance Day.



All men of course should keep the first two Man Rules in mind:

  1. Don’t Dance
  2. Don’t Dance

In the immortal words of the great American philosopher, Stephen Pearcy, of Ratt, “Slip and slide, take a ride, you want the best of both worlds…”

Dance – Ratt


So, I’m standing in the copy room at work having a conversation with one of my colleagues. I’m not sure now what exactly the topic was for the conversation. As a matter of fact, I think the topic left me right after my colleague mentioned the following:

CTJ Meeting

Naturally, had I thought about it for two more seconds, it MIGHT have come to me. Instead I gave my colleague a charmingly inquisitive look, as I am prone to do when I don’t quite grasp the concept at hand. Of course, this inquisitive look doesn’t happen often (Special Note I: For those who are wondering, the “charmingly” happens all the time!).

So, my colleague enlightened me, so to speak:

“Come To Jesus” Meeting.


(Special Note II: Buckeye’s fans please note the lowercase “h” implies no response needed here. But this note may already be too late…)

Now I get it.

Although the concept itself isn’t new to me, the use of the acronym for it was. It did spark a little revolution towards how THIS statement is ok in our company lingo, but if I throw down a “Merry Christmas” statement of cheer to anyone, I am looked at like I’m an insensitive dolt.

There are inherently TWO root problems with “CTJ” meeting that need to be addressed.


When did we decide to start using text message lingo in business conversation?! Or, maybe, just maybe, organizational-speak has invaded text message lingo. Won’t all the kids be surprised! I’m feeling a whole lot of that Miller Lite commercial right now, the one where the guy speaks like he’s texting and gets the big N-O-T from two different ladies. Very funny stuff. Obviously, we use acronyms in business scenarios all day, all the time. So much so, that I sometimes confuse similar acronyms separating an IT function from an Environmental Services function. And let’s not forget our FFF (Special Note III: This acronym stands for Friday Fun Fact.) members in the military! I think our respective organizations battle for the top spot in AcronymLand every day! BUT, isn’t this one going a bit far? CTJ meeting?! Really?!


According to the business protocol, this style of Christmas language, I mean Holiday language, this phraseology is not politically correct to use in the work place (Special Note IV: Take note, Ed!). So, we put the crack research staff here at Friday Fun Fact to work to come up with a more politically correct terminology. Here are some of the options:

  • CTD: “Come To Deity”
  • CTE: “Come To Entity”
  • CTO: “Come To Organization”
  • CTOS: “Come To Organizational Sense” *
  • CTMS: “Come To Military Sense” *
  • CTCS: “Come To Common Sense” *

(Please Note: * indicates acronyms & philosophies that, although appearing similar, cannot be judged as such in typical settings, and have an overwhelming tendency to be mutually exclusive.)

The research staff was so excited to work on this project, they came up w/some other phrases that could be used in MULTIPLE situations:

  • CTM: “Come To Mama” – can be used with newborns learning to walk just as easily as with employees learning to work…
  • CTD: “Come to Daddy” – can be used with, well, you’ll need to use your imagination on this one…
  • CT: “Come To” – can be used after passing out on the front lawn of your parent’s house just as easily as falling asleep in front of your computer in your cubicle…

And their favorite multi-purpose text message phrase:

  • CTB: “Come To Beer”

Special Note V: Take note again, Ed!

So, have we come this far?!

To paraphrase the immortal words of the great movie villain, Howard Payne, “How interesting that in 200 years we’ve come from “’ I regret that I have but one life to give for my country’ to ‘CTJ.’”

And, Merry Christmas…

OMG, Can someone PBR ME ASAP or PDQ?!

I’m not sure which comes first – ASAP, or PDQ?


Tunes of the Week:

Wooden Jesus – Great White

Lost Highway – Bon Jovi

           Waiting there to greet us

           Is my plastic dashboard Jesus…

Jack & Diane – John Cougar

           Oh let it rock, let it roll

           Let the Bible Belt come and save my soul…

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

Jesus On A Greyhound – Shelby Lynne

Like A Prayer – Madonna

Just Like Honey – The Jesus & The Mary Chain

DT Jesus – Savatage





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