Give Me Some H- 2 -O, Please…

Great Friday to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcement of Community Readership Concern & Support:

We have several members of our readership with relatives falling ill, as well as some unfortunate experiences being had by our members & casual observers this week. As fellow readers, we ask that you please keep them in your thoughts, and if so inclined, your prayers; as we here at Friday Fun Fact wish all the best with your unique experiences. We are most blessed to know you, share the burden of your trials & tribulations, and help you through in whatever way we can. If this speaks to you directly, you know who you are, and we are with you, always.

Keep The Faith –



Special Announcements:

RIP: Mike Flanagan, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles & Toronto Blue Jays. You will be missed.

Welcome Back!: Jim Thome. Welcome back toCleveland! Yes, we know you’d rather be in Philly with a better chance at a championship, but we are glad to have you.

Happy Birthday!: To casual observer MonicaR! Make sure The King makes it a great birthday!


I am not a workout-aholic. My friends, of course, may argue since I occasionally “compromise” my arrival time at events in order to get a workout completed. (Special Note I: Right now, I realize that there are several people either rolling their eyes, or experiencing their soft drinks coming out of there nose. Be careful, BeckyW!)

By all means, I wouldn’t classify myself as a workaholic, either. Even though my friends may tell you I need to put the Blackberry down & walk away when I’m on vacation. For the most part, I listen!

I believe in life balance.

In other words, live it. Work, fun, & working out can all blend into a life balance program.

Today, I received an email distribution letting me know that the SECOND most popular sports activity in the country is swimming.

Really?! How do we know that? Where is the information culled from to give us the rankings? Is there a “popular sports activity in the country” rankings system, or organization? And, do they do their due diligence in a manner somewhat like the NCAA (Special Note II: Please see ANY recent sports program or article regarding NCAA allegations.)? If so, their information, transparency, timeliness, or decision-making ability may be either inaccurate or impaired – please take your pick. Who decides how the questions are asked? And who first said, “I wonder what the most popular sports activity in the country is.”

In reviewing some research, we found some other “sports activities” ranked higher than swimming:

  • Stretching
  • Tent Camping
  • Bowling
  • Billiards/Pool
  • Darts
  • RV Camping
  • Board Games
  • Card Games

Stretching?! Bowling?! Tent Camping?! Billiards/Pool?! Darts?! These are sports?! I’m feeling like we’re covering Olympic Curling all over again. Remember the scene in Mr. Mom where they are stretching before the company picnic competition? I’m pretty darn sure while they were stretching there was a beer in the foreground.

Any “sport” in which it is fashionable to drink a beer is not a sport (although, admired for the opportunity to enjoy a beer while enjoying!). In all fairness, the rankings are combined as “sports & recreation,” or, in the case of board & card games, “mind sports.” In the most recent article found – from February 11, 2011 – water sports ranked #10 in popularity. AND, you’re going to LOVE the data mining strategy:

“The data is based on whish sports websites internet users from United Stats of America browse most. (Only websites dedicated to an individual sport are considered).”

The article goes on to say that this list is an indication of what people like to follow or watch, not necessarily participate.

This list includes:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Motorsports
  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Martial Arts
  • Golf
  • Cricket (yes, cricket!)
  • Water Sports

OK, in the immortal words of the great British philosophers, Duran Duran, “You’ve gone too far this time.” Its bad enough our kids think they are socializing by hooking up to the Internet for some gaming, but now we are basing our sports lists on what people follow on the Internet surfing?! Friday Fun Fact suggests we actually go out and count the people taking part in sports before we throw down a list telling us what is the most popular sport culled from what we are phishing for on the Internet. For goodness sakes, do you think there’s a chance that some curious young adults might, just might, be checking out a “Water Sports” website for, well, other reasons?! (Special Note III: We are loving the reactions of the parents amongst our readership right now – “That reminds me, gotta update those parental controls.”). Or maybe, most of the web browsers asked will tell you they accidentally ran across the cricket website. Actually, I’m almost positive of this one…

For a real “water sport,” try swimming with this in the pool:

Now, that would be a challenging workout!

Time for me to get going on my workout, so I won’t compromise tonight’s social event. Or, maybe I’ll just consider my Internet browsing today’s workout…



Tunes of the Week:

Water – Brad Paisely

Head Above Water – Electric Angels

Skinny Dippin’ – Whitney Duncan

Holy Water – Bad Company

Bad Company “purists” are cringing right now…

The Reflex – Duran Duran

Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls – TLC

Gimme Some Water & Walk On Water – Eddie Money

Bring Me Some Water – Melissa Etheridge


Raise A Thirst-Quenching Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By A Well-Balanced Saturday!


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My Heroes Have Always Been…

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

Congratulations!: Jim Thome, DH for the Minnesota Twins, for hitting his 600th home run earlier this week to become only the 8th Major Leaguer to do it in baseball history! Congrats to your hard work, effort, endurance, & character.

Belated Birthday Wishes: The Committee would like to notify casual observers ChrisU & JimL that they both respectively celebrated birthdays last Friday. Our apologies for the editing snafu. The Friday Fun Fact Quality Team is investigating this incident for future episodes. We trust & hope that you both had wonderful birthdays.


I was getting ready to take a walk one day with my Romanian fugitive friend. (Special Note I: OK, he really isn’t a fugitive, but this is one of those “poetic license” scenarios where a mild exaggeration can enhance the flavor of the story, as well as readership curiosity.) As I asked him if he was ready to go out & about, I added the word “cowboy” to the end of my question. My question went something like this:

                Are you ready to hit it, cowboy?

His reaction & response were pretty much immediate:

                Cowboy?! I’m not a cowboy. 

Almost like, how could I accuse him of such a thing?! It’s preposterous!

I reckon it’s not the first time I’ve heard this response & coinciding reaction to my use of this word & terminology. I’ve used the expression from time to time. It sparked a question for me:

                When did the term “cowboy” become derogatory?

Did it start with the Willie & Waylon classic “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys?”

“Let ‘em be doctors and lawyers and such…”

What’s so wrong with being a cowboy?!

Well, apparently, our crack FFF Research Team has found out that the term was indeed originally a derogatory term!

The word “cowboy” is also used in a negative sense. Originally this derived from the behavior of some cowboys in the boomtowns of Kansas, at the end of the trail for long cattle drives, where cowboys developed a reputation for violence and wild behavior due to the inevitable impact of large numbers of cowboys, mostly young single men, receiving their pay in large lump sums upon arriving in communities with many drinking and gambling establishments.

“Cowboy” is sometimes used today in a derogatory sense to describe someone who is reckless or ignores potential risks, irresponsible or who heedlessly handles a sensitive or dangerous task.

In the easternUnited States, “cowboy” as a noun is sometimes used to describe a fast or careless driver on the highway.


However, as it best suits the Friday Fun Fact belief system of journey in the pursuit of existential happiness, we here at the Command Center this perspective:

Despite its modern implications of sage-brush, cactus and the high chaparral, cowboy was first used inEnglandin the 1620s. There is, however, a genuinely American equivalent and that is cow-hand, a word from the 1850s which has no suggestion of derogation about it. Most of us derive our impressions of the old West from Western movies, none of which accurately depict the demographics of the times. Most cowboys were Mexican and, of the remainder, a large proportion was African-American. In fact, two entire regiments of the western US Cavalry were  African-American – the legendary “buffalo soldiers”. The Mexican contribution to cowboy culture is readily apparent when we examine some of its terminology. What word is more redolent of the “Wild West” than buckaroo? Yet buckaroo (first recorded in 1827) is merely a mispronunciation of the Spanish vaquero (literally “cow-man”, ultimately from Latin vacca, “a cow”).


To additionally support this perspective, the Research Team came up with some valid points of interest:

  • Are the Dallas Cowboys not self-monikered as “America’s Team?!” (Special Note II: Although, we could make the argument that they are not “America’s Team” outside of their own self-created concept.)
  • Do you think Mr. Dirty Harry would have played so many cowboys in movies if it wasn’t cool to be one?!
  • Didn’t Jon Bon Jovi interpret the term as a positive & romantic reflection of the cowboy persona in the song “Wanted Dead or Alive?!

If you need further proof that cowboys are still good guys, think about this:

The imagery of the western cowboy has long endured. We’ve gone from playing “Cowboys & Indians” as kids to “Cowboys & Aliens!”

And, would Harrison Ford dare play a cowboy in two different characters, separated by three decades-worth of cinematic adventures?!


We think not!

It’s time for me to put on my boots & hat, and hit the trail.

In the immortal words of the great American philosopher, Jon Bon Jovi, “Ride, Cowboy, Ride”…


Tunes of the Week:

                My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys – Willie Nelson

                Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

                  -Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings (Original by Ed Bruce)

                Frontier Justice – Ronna Reeves

                Should’ve Been A Cowboy – Toby Keith

                Cowboy – Kid Rock

                Cowboys From Hell – Pantera

                This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away –GeorgeStrait

                Wanted Dead Or Alive – Bon Jovi

                Happy Trails – Van Halen


Raise A Glass & “Bend An Elbow!”

May Your Friday Be Followed By A “Go West, Young Man” Saturday!


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Revenge Of The Parking Lot People & A Sad Day In Music

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

RIP: Jani Lane. The band Warrant may be considered a hair metal band, a genre that does not get much critical acclaim, but Jani was one of the best song writers to come from the era. His writing only improved with time. Although a cause of death has not been determined or announced at this time, Jani has had a good cocktail mix of the typical rock n’ roll struggles over the years. His passing is a tragic end to fight I always hoped he would win. As this news washes over me, I feel like a part of my youth has been lost. As a very part-time amateur lyricist, to be a songwriter of his magnitude was iconically inspiring to me. Jani could write great era-worthy fun songs, for which critics lauded the genre of hair metal – “Cherry Pie,” “Down Boys.” In the band’s more serious work, Jani not only gave quality verse, but painted a story for the listener – a unique & rare skill. I will be spinning the very under-rated & under-appreciated “Dog Eat Dog” this evening. To casual observers & “Best of Friends,” KenK, KirkK, & WaltK, when I pick “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” off of “Cherry Pie,” I’ll be thinking of our text messages when it plays loud & proud. A talented writer & voice has been silenced…

Song Dedication: Heaven – Warrant

With “Blind Faith,” Jani, I hope “Heaven isn’t too far away” for you…


Happy Birthday!: KenK & KirkK. May you both enjoy your weekends & find time to raise a glass together as brothers & friends…__________________________________________________________________________________________

Earlier this week, I headed out on a “road trip” to the local coffee shop with a colleague. Our mission: to escape the cubicle village for a few moments in time, refresh the mind, and grab a cup of joe. (Special Note I: By “joe,” we mean the nickname for coffee, not an actual person named “Joe!”).

As we tried to park, there were several kids of various ages, and an adult – presumably a parent or guardian – standing in two empty spaces in the parking lot. Not only did they not move as we tried to pull in, they appeared to not even be paying attention to that fact that we were there… in a moving car. Both my colleague and I made comments regarding the inappropriateness of their behavior, or non-behavior, as it were.

The next morning, as I arrived at work, there was a pedestrian in the parking lot making her way across the driving lane, from the parking spots to the sidewalk. And, she took… her… time. Crossing diagonally to the building sidewalk. Even better, was that she looked right at me and continued her VERY leisurely pace. Although I showed no outward reaction, internally, I was a bit dismayed.

Look, I know that my car, for all of its glorious appointments & amenities, runs on hamster-generated energy cells.

And, I also know that as drivers, we absolutely need to give the right to pedestrians in cross walks, and acknowledgement therein, in parking lots, retail areas, sporting arenas, and concert halls. These are the facts of life, as well as a common courtesy.

But when, and more importantly, where, is that courtesy returned? Has pedestrian courtesy gone the way of the dinosaur & turn signals?! Do pedestrians even use crosswalks anymore?! If not, why does the government even bother spending money on occasionally repainting crosswalk lines? Wait… that may be a topic of another episode. (Special Note II: Yes, we acknowledge that one of these reasons would be to make right, wrong, & left determinations in litigation.) Does the eventuality of order through Chaos, as explained in Chaos Theory, mean that as we move farther & farther away from common courtesy & awareness, that order will eventually return to these concepts?

A darn good friend of mine always says that I could knock off three levels of my politeness and still be more polite than the average person today. I like to think that this characteristic is a blend of quality upbringing in this regard, as well as the associations I keep. For this, I thank all of my friends who afford me the same politeness – you teach me more than you know every day. Does this level of courtesy & awareness mean that these events are magnified in my mind?! Am I slipping into the void or the proverbial rabbit hole? (Special Note III: Wait, I KNOW there are those in the readership that are waving their hands in the air wanting to provide a confirming response. Please understand this is a rhetorical question!). Am I all alone in my thinking?!

Do we all need to go back toSafetyTown?!

Way back yonder when I was a youngin’, my parents – and, as a matter of fact, ALL adults & guardians in our lives – taught us to look both ways before crossing the street. And, when we were in the street, we walked at a brisk pace, so to be the “chickens” that crossed the road to get to the other side before the light turned green for oncoming traffic. The street & parking lots were not places of casual ignorance, but of appropriate awareness. It’s called respect for oncoming traffic, and preserving your own life – as well as others.

Or, do our vehicles need to be customized to Mad Max or Death Race proportions to elicit the proper response?!

(Special Disclaimer: As Friday Fun Fact has gone semi-public as a blog, please don’t try this at home “kids!” This is a hyperbolic demonstration of imagery, not a suggestion towards vehicular anarchy!). Does the image of my Nissan Sentra moving at rates faster than a sugarland snail’s pace not impress upon a pedestrian that it can do know irrecoverable damage to the human body? To paraphrase the immortal words of the great fictional character Clark W. Griswold, my car can indeed “break the skin and cause a very bad infection!”

It’s time to go. I see some people out in the parking lot that need to be “re-educated,” with appropriate “speed,” of course!

(Special Disclaimer II: Uh, same thing here, kids!)


Tunes of the Week:

                Drive – The Cars

                Walk – Pantera

                I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar

                Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell

                Wal-Mart Parking Lot – Chris Cagle

                Out In The Parking Lot – Brad Paisley

                Sad Theresa – Warrant


(You have a green light to) Raise A Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By a Saturday!


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A Global Celebration!

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

RIP: Charles “Bubba” Smith, aka Officer Hightower. From football to the Police Academy movies, your athletic & entertainment talents brought us amazement & laughs…


RIP II: Amy Winehouse. To your tragic end, may you sing well on the R&B stage in the sky…


This is a VERY special day, members, casual observers, and now, yes, through the advent of the blog, subscribers! The Friday Fun Fact organization is both proud & humbled to begin to see our readership navigate towards subscribing to receive the blog through wordpress. A thousand “thank yous” for your continued readership!

OK, back to this week’s episode.

Today, yes TODAY, is officially recognized as:


How timely!

This is right up the Friday FunFact Command Center alley! BEER, as most of our readership is well aware, is one of the cornerstones of the Friday Fun Fact belief system. It can, at times, tie in with another one of our core beliefs: the journey in pursuit of existential happiness (Special Note I: That’s existential happiness, RobC!). And what better way to acknowledge that than by supporting an INTERNATIONAL celebration of the amber liquid!

Oh, this is a day of days!

It occurs at the perfect time for me! And I’m sure it comes at a great time for you, as well! (Special Note II: Of course, when is it not a good time to celebrate BEER?! Or, commiserate with BEER for that matter?!). I have most assuredly had a week of Mondays:

  • Left a workbag @ home… twice
  • Schedule change took time away from work productivity
  • Traffic commutes were seemingly longer than usual
  • Ripped the belt loop on a pair of work pants
  • Found a stain on work pants on a day I had to give a presentation – after it was too late
  • Discovered missing buttons on a sportcoat
  • Got a flat tire
  • Broke a shoe string when getting ready for work
  • My mom ran away & the dog’s in prison (these aren’t necessarily bad things, depending on your perspective…)

And, all this doesn’t include the Deficit Ceiling fiasco, the Tribe’s most recent nosedive (they’re looking more & more like the Cubs every day!), the sweltering heat wave that has hit the nation as reported by The Weather Channel (go figure in the middle of summer!), and that darned Emergency Broadcast System message that keeps scrolling across my television screen!

Not to be ignored, as well as to provide evidence of the journey in pursuit of existential happiness, the kinder edge of the sword also sliced through:

  • With the help casual observer Walt’s formidable plumbing expertise, fixed the shower drain (actually, I mostly just offered my help by watching)
  • Attended a class (a much-beloved learning opportunity!)
  • Woke up each day to experience a new adventure! (The glass is always half full!)

Can someone help me out here?!

Can the gods of amber liquid provide some relief & relaxation?!

Yes, Official Scribe, yes, they can.

We give you International Beer Day! (It bears repeating…)


This my friends, is a formidable milestone day to help us all through the midpoint of two summer holidays – Independence Day & Labor Day (Special Note III: As we know some readers will debate that Labor Day is considered a fall holiday, please research the official end of summer/start of fall date.)

But wait, there’s more! That’s right members & casual observers, not only do you get International Beer Day for free today, but you also get these added bonus gifts:

  • A reason to call friends and have them join you to celebrate! Nothing’s better than friendship & camaraderie!
  • The perfect conversation starter when meeting someone at a restaurant or bar! (Special Note IV: Be careful on your presentation of this knowledge, as you could give the impression of either an insightful conversationalist, or a raging you-know-what!)
  • A reason to be adventurous, and order a different BEER from the norm in celebration! So, put down that can of Schlitz & order a quality BEER tonight – no one deserves it more than you!

The Committee suggests and encourages its readership to take advantage of this sensational offer while it lasts today!

So order your BEER now!


Tunes of the Week:

                I’m Pretty Good At Drinking BEER – Billy Currington

                BEER Thirty – Brooks & Dunn

                BEER Run –GarthBrooks& George Jones

                BEER For My Horses – Toby Keith & Willie Nelson

                BEER Drinkers & Hell Raisers – ZZ Top

                Six Pack Summer – Phil Vassar

                Billy’s Got His BEER Goggles On – Neal McCoy

                Hell Yeah, I Like BEER – Kevin Fowler     


Raise A Worldly Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By A Saturday!


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