A Global Celebration!

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

RIP: Charles “Bubba” Smith, aka Officer Hightower. From football to the Police Academy movies, your athletic & entertainment talents brought us amazement & laughs…


RIP II: Amy Winehouse. To your tragic end, may you sing well on the R&B stage in the sky…


This is a VERY special day, members, casual observers, and now, yes, through the advent of the blog, subscribers! The Friday Fun Fact organization is both proud & humbled to begin to see our readership navigate towards subscribing to receive the blog through wordpress. A thousand “thank yous” for your continued readership!

OK, back to this week’s episode.

Today, yes TODAY, is officially recognized as:



How timely!

This is right up the Friday FunFact Command Center alley! BEER, as most of our readership is well aware, is one of the cornerstones of the Friday Fun Fact belief system. It can, at times, tie in with another one of our core beliefs: the journey in pursuit of existential happiness (Special Note I: That’s existential happiness, RobC!). And what better way to acknowledge that than by supporting an INTERNATIONAL celebration of the amber liquid!

Oh, this is a day of days!

It occurs at the perfect time for me! And I’m sure it comes at a great time for you, as well! (Special Note II: Of course, when is it not a good time to celebrate BEER?! Or, commiserate with BEER for that matter?!). I have most assuredly had a week of Mondays:

  • Left a workbag @ home… twice
  • Schedule change took time away from work productivity
  • Traffic commutes were seemingly longer than usual
  • Ripped the belt loop on a pair of work pants
  • Found a stain on work pants on a day I had to give a presentation – after it was too late
  • Discovered missing buttons on a sportcoat
  • Got a flat tire
  • Broke a shoe string when getting ready for work
  • My mom ran away & the dog’s in prison (these aren’t necessarily bad things, depending on your perspective…)

And, all this doesn’t include the Deficit Ceiling fiasco, the Tribe’s most recent nosedive (they’re looking more & more like the Cubs every day!), the sweltering heat wave that has hit the nation as reported by The Weather Channel (go figure in the middle of summer!), and that darned Emergency Broadcast System message that keeps scrolling across my television screen!

Not to be ignored, as well as to provide evidence of the journey in pursuit of existential happiness, the kinder edge of the sword also sliced through:

  • With the help casual observer Walt’s formidable plumbing expertise, fixed the shower drain (actually, I mostly just offered my help by watching)
  • Attended a class (a much-beloved learning opportunity!)
  • Woke up each day to experience a new adventure! (The glass is always half full!)

Can someone help me out here?!

Can the gods of amber liquid provide some relief & relaxation?!

Yes, Official Scribe, yes, they can.

We give you International Beer Day! (It bears repeating…)


This my friends, is a formidable milestone day to help us all through the midpoint of two summer holidays – Independence Day & Labor Day (Special Note III: As we know some readers will debate that Labor Day is considered a fall holiday, please research the official end of summer/start of fall date.)

But wait, there’s more! That’s right members & casual observers, not only do you get International Beer Day for free today, but you also get these added bonus gifts:

  • A reason to call friends and have them join you to celebrate! Nothing’s better than friendship & camaraderie!
  • The perfect conversation starter when meeting someone at a restaurant or bar! (Special Note IV: Be careful on your presentation of this knowledge, as you could give the impression of either an insightful conversationalist, or a raging you-know-what!)
  • A reason to be adventurous, and order a different BEER from the norm in celebration! So, put down that can of Schlitz & order a quality BEER tonight – no one deserves it more than you!

The Committee suggests and encourages its readership to take advantage of this sensational offer while it lasts today!

So order your BEER now!


Tunes of the Week:

                I’m Pretty Good At Drinking BEER – Billy Currington

                BEER Thirty – Brooks & Dunn

                BEER Run –GarthBrooks& George Jones

                BEER For My Horses – Toby Keith & Willie Nelson

                BEER Drinkers & Hell Raisers – ZZ Top

                Six Pack Summer – Phil Vassar

                Billy’s Got His BEER Goggles On – Neal McCoy

                Hell Yeah, I Like BEER – Kevin Fowler     


Raise A Worldly Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By A Saturday!


Realizar Sus Ambiciones

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