Revenge Of The Parking Lot People & A Sad Day In Music

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

RIP: Jani Lane. The band Warrant may be considered a hair metal band, a genre that does not get much critical acclaim, but Jani was one of the best song writers to come from the era. His writing only improved with time. Although a cause of death has not been determined or announced at this time, Jani has had a good cocktail mix of the typical rock n’ roll struggles over the years. His passing is a tragic end to fight I always hoped he would win. As this news washes over me, I feel like a part of my youth has been lost. As a very part-time amateur lyricist, to be a songwriter of his magnitude was iconically inspiring to me. Jani could write great era-worthy fun songs, for which critics lauded the genre of hair metal – “Cherry Pie,” “Down Boys.” In the band’s more serious work, Jani not only gave quality verse, but painted a story for the listener – a unique & rare skill. I will be spinning the very under-rated & under-appreciated “Dog Eat Dog” this evening. To casual observers & “Best of Friends,” KenK, KirkK, & WaltK, when I pick “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” off of “Cherry Pie,” I’ll be thinking of our text messages when it plays loud & proud. A talented writer & voice has been silenced…

Song Dedication: Heaven – Warrant

With “Blind Faith,” Jani, I hope “Heaven isn’t too far away” for you…


Happy Birthday!: KenK & KirkK. May you both enjoy your weekends & find time to raise a glass together as brothers & friends…__________________________________________________________________________________________

Earlier this week, I headed out on a “road trip” to the local coffee shop with a colleague. Our mission: to escape the cubicle village for a few moments in time, refresh the mind, and grab a cup of joe. (Special Note I: By “joe,” we mean the nickname for coffee, not an actual person named “Joe!”).

As we tried to park, there were several kids of various ages, and an adult – presumably a parent or guardian – standing in two empty spaces in the parking lot. Not only did they not move as we tried to pull in, they appeared to not even be paying attention to that fact that we were there… in a moving car. Both my colleague and I made comments regarding the inappropriateness of their behavior, or non-behavior, as it were.

The next morning, as I arrived at work, there was a pedestrian in the parking lot making her way across the driving lane, from the parking spots to the sidewalk. And, she took… her… time. Crossing diagonally to the building sidewalk. Even better, was that she looked right at me and continued her VERY leisurely pace. Although I showed no outward reaction, internally, I was a bit dismayed.

Look, I know that my car, for all of its glorious appointments & amenities, runs on hamster-generated energy cells.

And, I also know that as drivers, we absolutely need to give the right to pedestrians in cross walks, and acknowledgement therein, in parking lots, retail areas, sporting arenas, and concert halls. These are the facts of life, as well as a common courtesy.

But when, and more importantly, where, is that courtesy returned? Has pedestrian courtesy gone the way of the dinosaur & turn signals?! Do pedestrians even use crosswalks anymore?! If not, why does the government even bother spending money on occasionally repainting crosswalk lines? Wait… that may be a topic of another episode. (Special Note II: Yes, we acknowledge that one of these reasons would be to make right, wrong, & left determinations in litigation.) Does the eventuality of order through Chaos, as explained in Chaos Theory, mean that as we move farther & farther away from common courtesy & awareness, that order will eventually return to these concepts?

A darn good friend of mine always says that I could knock off three levels of my politeness and still be more polite than the average person today. I like to think that this characteristic is a blend of quality upbringing in this regard, as well as the associations I keep. For this, I thank all of my friends who afford me the same politeness – you teach me more than you know every day. Does this level of courtesy & awareness mean that these events are magnified in my mind?! Am I slipping into the void or the proverbial rabbit hole? (Special Note III: Wait, I KNOW there are those in the readership that are waving their hands in the air wanting to provide a confirming response. Please understand this is a rhetorical question!). Am I all alone in my thinking?!

Do we all need to go back toSafetyTown?!

Way back yonder when I was a youngin’, my parents – and, as a matter of fact, ALL adults & guardians in our lives – taught us to look both ways before crossing the street. And, when we were in the street, we walked at a brisk pace, so to be the “chickens” that crossed the road to get to the other side before the light turned green for oncoming traffic. The street & parking lots were not places of casual ignorance, but of appropriate awareness. It’s called respect for oncoming traffic, and preserving your own life – as well as others.

Or, do our vehicles need to be customized to Mad Max or Death Race proportions to elicit the proper response?!

(Special Disclaimer: As Friday Fun Fact has gone semi-public as a blog, please don’t try this at home “kids!” This is a hyperbolic demonstration of imagery, not a suggestion towards vehicular anarchy!). Does the image of my Nissan Sentra moving at rates faster than a sugarland snail’s pace not impress upon a pedestrian that it can do know irrecoverable damage to the human body? To paraphrase the immortal words of the great fictional character Clark W. Griswold, my car can indeed “break the skin and cause a very bad infection!”

It’s time to go. I see some people out in the parking lot that need to be “re-educated,” with appropriate “speed,” of course!

(Special Disclaimer II: Uh, same thing here, kids!)


Tunes of the Week:

                Drive – The Cars

                Walk – Pantera

                I Can’t Drive 55 – Sammy Hagar

                Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell

                Wal-Mart Parking Lot – Chris Cagle

                Out In The Parking Lot – Brad Paisley

                Sad Theresa – Warrant


(You have a green light to) Raise A Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By a Saturday!


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