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Great Friday to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcement of Community Readership Concern & Support:

We have several members of our readership with relatives falling ill, as well as some unfortunate experiences being had by our members & casual observers this week. As fellow readers, we ask that you please keep them in your thoughts, and if so inclined, your prayers; as we here at Friday Fun Fact wish all the best with your unique experiences. We are most blessed to know you, share the burden of your trials & tribulations, and help you through in whatever way we can. If this speaks to you directly, you know who you are, and we are with you, always.

Keep The Faith –



Special Announcements:

RIP: Mike Flanagan, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles & Toronto Blue Jays. You will be missed.

Welcome Back!: Jim Thome. Welcome back toCleveland! Yes, we know you’d rather be in Philly with a better chance at a championship, but we are glad to have you.

Happy Birthday!: To casual observer MonicaR! Make sure The King makes it a great birthday!


I am not a workout-aholic. My friends, of course, may argue since I occasionally “compromise” my arrival time at events in order to get a workout completed. (Special Note I: Right now, I realize that there are several people either rolling their eyes, or experiencing their soft drinks coming out of there nose. Be careful, BeckyW!)

By all means, I wouldn’t classify myself as a workaholic, either. Even though my friends may tell you I need to put the Blackberry down & walk away when I’m on vacation. For the most part, I listen!

I believe in life balance.

In other words, live it. Work, fun, & working out can all blend into a life balance program.

Today, I received an email distribution letting me know that the SECOND most popular sports activity in the country is swimming.

Really?! How do we know that? Where is the information culled from to give us the rankings? Is there a “popular sports activity in the country” rankings system, or organization? And, do they do their due diligence in a manner somewhat like the NCAA (Special Note II: Please see ANY recent sports program or article regarding NCAA allegations.)? If so, their information, transparency, timeliness, or decision-making ability may be either inaccurate or impaired – please take your pick. Who decides how the questions are asked? And who first said, “I wonder what the most popular sports activity in the country is.”

In reviewing some research, we found some other “sports activities” ranked higher than swimming:

  • Stretching
  • Tent Camping
  • Bowling
  • Billiards/Pool
  • Darts
  • RV Camping
  • Board Games
  • Card Games

Stretching?! Bowling?! Tent Camping?! Billiards/Pool?! Darts?! These are sports?! I’m feeling like we’re covering Olympic Curling all over again. Remember the scene in Mr. Mom where they are stretching before the company picnic competition? I’m pretty darn sure while they were stretching there was a beer in the foreground.

Any “sport” in which it is fashionable to drink a beer is not a sport (although, admired for the opportunity to enjoy a beer while enjoying!). In all fairness, the rankings are combined as “sports & recreation,” or, in the case of board & card games, “mind sports.” In the most recent article found – from February 11, 2011 – water sports ranked #10 in popularity. AND, you’re going to LOVE the data mining strategy:

“The data is based on whish sports websites internet users from United Stats of America browse most. (Only websites dedicated to an individual sport are considered).”

The article goes on to say that this list is an indication of what people like to follow or watch, not necessarily participate.

This list includes:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Motorsports
  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Martial Arts
  • Golf
  • Cricket (yes, cricket!)
  • Water Sports

OK, in the immortal words of the great British philosophers, Duran Duran, “You’ve gone too far this time.” Its bad enough our kids think they are socializing by hooking up to the Internet for some gaming, but now we are basing our sports lists on what people follow on the Internet surfing?! Friday Fun Fact suggests we actually go out and count the people taking part in sports before we throw down a list telling us what is the most popular sport culled from what we are phishing for on the Internet. For goodness sakes, do you think there’s a chance that some curious young adults might, just might, be checking out a “Water Sports” website for, well, other reasons?! (Special Note III: We are loving the reactions of the parents amongst our readership right now – “That reminds me, gotta update those parental controls.”). Or maybe, most of the web browsers asked will tell you they accidentally ran across the cricket website. Actually, I’m almost positive of this one…

For a real “water sport,” try swimming with this in the pool:

Now, that would be a challenging workout!

Time for me to get going on my workout, so I won’t compromise tonight’s social event. Or, maybe I’ll just consider my Internet browsing today’s workout…



Tunes of the Week:

Water – Brad Paisely

Head Above Water – Electric Angels

Skinny Dippin’ – Whitney Duncan

Holy Water – Bad Company

Bad Company “purists” are cringing right now…

The Reflex – Duran Duran

Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls – TLC

Gimme Some Water & Walk On Water – Eddie Money

Bring Me Some Water – Melissa Etheridge


Raise A Thirst-Quenching Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By A Well-Balanced Saturday!


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