Rise Again, Little Fighter!

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

RIP: To those who died on the ill-fated Russian airplane earlier this week. Godspeed to the grief of all those affected.


RIP II: Lee Roy Selmon. The first-ever player drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



Ten Years Ago Sunday.

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

I am sure every one of us can identify the exact moment we first heard or saw the news.

Have You Forgotten?

No, I have not. I haven’t forgotten the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, or that Pennsylvania field. I think about it every day & pray for the safe return of our troops, & send a blessing to their families & friends for their sacrifices made so we can sleep at night. Last week, sitting in a restaurant, I saw the first graphic pictures on television I’ve seen broadcasted in YEARS. Thank you to the news station that did the piece justice by not censoring the images of that fateful day.

The memorials honoring the victims & fallen service personnel – those people who found it their DUTY to walk into burning buildings to rescue the lives of others, or bring a plane down knowing they would go with it – have already started, and will be performed all weekend.


But they wouldn’t want it that way.

In true honor of all those that were lost, Friday Fun Fact has chosen to memorialize their lives by celebrating life. We believe that’s what they would have wanted. On the Friday Fun Fact journey in pursuit of existential happiness (Special Note I: That’s “existential happiness,” RobC!). We need to not only honor the lives of those lost, but celebrate those that are still here. Those that fought and survived; those that had to experience excruciating pain for their physical injuries; and those that had, or still need, to get through the mental anguish of being there, or losing someone. Those people that fought for their lives.

That’s the American Way.

Follow the dream, regardless of the adversity.

Follow the tragedy with all you have in you to overcome it.

Both are much easier said than done

For every person lost, there is a story. For every person that survived, there is a story, and their seemingly insurmountable recovery. Every one of them is a hero. I’m lucky – I know no one who was directly injured or worse. I know of a few near-misses. I am thankful for those near-misses every day. And every time I see a clock that reads 9:11, I remember and am thankful for all of my blessings. What I am also reminded of is life was born on that day as well. This weekend, my friends & I will be attending a birthday party for one of our friends’ kids born on that day. It is THE reminder of HOPE.

Here are some stories of survival:







Tragedy can be overcome, with new life comes new hope.

The truth of the American Spirit is this: it rises like a phoenix from the ashes. Always. When painted into a corner, the American Spirit grabs the baseball bat with both hands and says, “To heck with you, Jobu! If you won’t help me hit the curveball, I’ll do it myself!”

(Special Note II: Before the corrective texts, emails, and phone calls flood the Friday Fun Fact Customer Service Department, yes, we realize that last quote was paraphrased.)

We, as a group of readers, and as a community, have had some interesting & unfortunate experiences befallen us lately, as noted in a previous episode. But we are still here. We are still here taking that roller coaster ride of life. I often tell people that I live at the corner of Hard Luck & Murphy’s Law. It ain’t always easy to get hit in the face by the Louisville Slugger of life while living at that address, but it’s better than the alternative! Live it, love it, breathe it for all you can, and for those that can’t because of Ten Years Ago Sunday. Rise Again, Little Fighter, when you get kicked in the teeth (and visit the dentist!). Take the roller coaster ride every time. Be Undivided in your pursuits to share your love, life, & experiences with those around you – as well as your goodwill with strangers. Honor the fallen, and celebrate the living…

Yeah, we’ll put a boot in you’re a- -, it’s the American Way.

Let’s Roll…

The war on terror is still being fought. And now, it always will be. Support those troops past & present, sacrificing themselves in the war on terror, as well as those stationed in other places to defend the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. Thank you for having our backs. When you come home, we will have yours…


Tunes of the Week:

                If you read carefully, you already know them…


Raise A Memorial & Celebratory Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By A Saturday, AND An Incredible Day Of Respectful Remembrance & Celebration Of Life!


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