An Old Lesson Re-Learned & Reinforced

Great Day to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:


Kurt Budke & Miranda Serna, Oklahoma State University’s basketball coach & assistant basketball coach, respectively. They were among the four people who died in a plane crash Thursday night returning from a recruiting trip. Thoughts, Prayers & Godspeed to the families of those lost.

“Get Out Of The Booth” Congratulations!

Bob Davie, moving out of the broadcasters’ booth back to the field, takes the coaching job at New Mexico. This is great! Los Lobos, I mean, the Lobos have needed a new coach for years!

Houston, We Have A Problem – It’s Time To Pack!

With approval of the sale of the Houston Astros, one of our Friday Fun Fact members’ second favorite teams is moving from the NL Central to the AL West no later than 2013 to align Major League Baseball in two fifteen-team leagues.


Organizational Announcement:

Recently, the Friday Fun Fact Customer Service Department has received several suggestions to change the name of the organization to Saturday Satire due to the delay in episode release. We fully appreciate the feedback and understand readership perspective. As a volunteer organization (uh, none of us get paid!), we, on occasion, need to put essential job priorities or life events ahead of episode building. It is unfortunate, but reality has a tendency to smack us like a Louisville Slugger right between the eyes. Also, Friday Fun Fact has grown so much from its original format that we actually have to put that dreaded term “work” into creating each episode. We hope that you keep reading Friday Fun Fact, whether it’s released on time, on DanTime®, or later. We are honored, and humbled, always, by your effort to read and provide feedback to this ongoing series.

And also, to those who have submitted complaints regarding delays to The Committee, your complaints are being reviewed.

With Esteemed Regards –

The Committee & Entire Friday Fun Fact Team


As explained in last week’s episode, and as well-documented by my home-project horror stories, I am not a tool guy. Although I know the difference in the basics of tool identification just beyond “and me that thing-a-ma-jig,” no one will ever mistake me for Mr. Fix-It. HOWEVER, I am indeed, a nice guy. On the surface, this is supposed to be a good thing, right?! Well, have no fear, it is a true curse in some very significant & specific situations    (Special Note I: OK, if you don’t know where I’m going with this, think about the implications of the comment “she has a great personality,” and you’ll get the parallel reference.). Over time, and through experiences, I’ve been told I need to be more of a jerk (or worse!) to get where I want to be. I’ve often thought, maybe I need to join a gang of some sort to take on the surly qualities needed to be judged differently than “nice.” But every now & then, the benefits of being “nice” shine through…

This weekend, I had the opportunity to partake in a Group-Oriented Social Interaction Study that took me out of town with a group of friends & family. The trip wasn’t long, just long enough to shake off the paint of staring at the same walls and give everyone a fresh perspective. My buddy’s dad was with us for the trip.

Everywhere we went, my buddy’s dad was willing to tackle the task at hand, or push through the challenges of the social dynamic settings. What I observed was how he did so not only with energy & enthusiasm, but also with kindness & courtesy. And in every situation that I witnessed, his kindness & courtesy were returned. In essence, he was being nice. We had a couple of minor experiences throughout our short weekend that may have deserved a quality reaction of not being nice. However, as a group, we generally acted with grace & kindness, despite the desire to react differently. Generally, regardless of our social situation & those involved, we are nice to those around us. For some reason, though, being nice was especially noticed this weekend, as well as discussed.

As we made our way back to the Home Sweet Shangri-La-La of Northeast Ohio, we stopped at a rest area to stretch & get some fresh air. During the stop, we had opportunities to hold the door for other travelers heading in both directions – your standard common courtesy kind of stuff that isn’t so common anymore. Once we made our way through the doors, my buddy’s dad said, “If you think about it, how much extra effort does it take to be nice?!” Point well taken, Dad, point well taken…

Of course, this is also one of the mantras of one of Friday Fun Facts favorite fictional characters:

“I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”

To paraphrase Dalton’s response regarding “how are we supposed to know when that is?”

“You won’t. I’ll let you know.”

As we come upon the “silly season,” I guess this serves as a reminder to me to be nice, even though the stress of the holidays may occasionally push us out of our comfort zone or delay us from achieving our tasks & goals. Of course, I don’t think that being nice will extend to my knee-jerk road rage episodes when it is clear to me that the person who just cut me off should NOT have a driver’s license or car. But, I think there are opportune moments that are “negotiable,” when even a nice guy can be forgiven for an instinctual (and maybe even justified!) reaction.

Thanks to both Dad & Dalton for keeping us in line with being nice…


Tunes of the Week:

     Have A Nice Day – Bon Jovi

     Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Beach Boys

      You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice – The Lovin’ Spoonful

      Nice And Slow – Usher

      Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – Skrillex

      No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper

     Mean – Taylor Swift


Raise A Super-Nice Glass!
May Your Monday/Tuesday Be Followed By A Friday!


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