That’s Not My Department!

Great Black Friday to You, Friday Fun Facters!


Special Announcements:

What We at FFF Are Thankful For: All of the great friends & family we had the opportunity to spend time with in person, on the phone, or by text message on Thanksgiving.

What We at FFF Are Thankful For II: Surviving all of the friends & family we had the opportunity to spend time with in person, on the phone, or by text message on Thanksgiving.

Hope your Thanksgiving was spent in wonderful appreciation for your blessings. May we all be blessed enough each day of our lives to be aware and thankful for all that we have.


Special Dedication:

This episode is dedicated to everyone who reads Friday Fun Fact. We are humbly thankful for your continued readership.

And, also to those that suggest we switch the name to Saturday Satire, Sunday Comics, or Monday Matinee, FRIDAY Fun Fact lives on…

Despite the “challenge” of a kegs & eggs breakfast, thank you to our team of writers & editors that made an extra effort to get this week’s episode distributed on Friday…


Last weekend, as documented in the episode distributed earlier this week, some of our members, including KyleS, participated in an out-of-town Group-Oriented Social Interaction Study. During our road trip, we stopped at one of our favorite out-of-town eateries. We respectfully omit the name of the restaurant here to protect the guilty, as well as the innocent. For those that have not yet ventured to this gem of a restaurant, the Friday Fun Fact Food & Beverage Stand highly recommends it. We will be more than happy to provide information in a non-public media channel. It has become a “must-do” on our visits to Pittsburgh. The food, and of course the BEER, are excellent.

During our visit, several of us ordered glassware to go – it includes the restaurant logo & motto – to commemorate the trip. I, myself, also wandered over to the memento area to take a look at shirts. Of course, being the primary inhabitant of the house on the corner of Hard Luck & Murphy’s Law, the restaurant was sold out of each and every one of the shirts & alternatives in my size. (Special Note I: Tell me how that happens to me all of the time?!) Hopefully, your luck in finding tourist-ware helps you fare better than mine.

So we move to Plan B: Let’s find out when shirt stock will be replenished, so maybe we can order one online. Although our server was excellent & did all she could to find out when stock would be arriving, we could not establish the restocking date. But we here at Friday Fun Fact work from this philosophy: exhaust all avenues.

As we get ready to leave, we encounter a manager at the hostess stand. The manager decides instead of addressing patrons in the restaurant to take a care of a phone call first. (Special Note II: This situational nuance was pointed out by Kyle’s dad, EricS. ALWAYS take care of the people in the store first!). We wait patiently for the manager to conclude his phone call. Once the manager turned attention towards us, we asked when the next shipment of restaurant contraband would arrive. Because we believe in the intellect of our readership, we’ll present the possible answers in a multiple-guess format:

  • I don’t know, but let me see if I can find out.
  • I’m not sure, but it’s probably written down in the manager’s office. Let me take a quick run back there to get the information.
  • That’s not my responsibility, but if you can give me five minutes, I’ll see if I can find out.
  • That’s not my department.

Now, if you were paying attention to the title of this week’s episode before diving in with anticipated excitement, we are confident that you know the answer is “That’s not my department.”

It is at this point, that I turn heel to exit the establishment.

EricS, however, stayed behind to give the manager a Captain Obvious lesson: maybe the manager could find out when the next batch of shirts would arrive. And then, the light bulb went on…

Too late – I’m already on the street.

See, by the response, I already have a clue as to the manager’s aptitude for helping restaurant customers. And, I’ll take it a step farther and say that it might even be the manager’s philosophy on life. When you say “that’s not my department” in a customer service setting, you might as well be telling me you have no idea where we keep the molasses. I expect this response from a 16-year-old clerk at the local grab & guzzle, but not from a seasoned veteran, who may, per chance and in a twist of irony, actually train others how to serve customers.

Remember always – the quality of service you give (and being nice!) will always affect your bottom line.

Coincidentally, in a parallel train of thought, I was having a conversation with a great colleague of mine. We used to work together and were discussing the team concept. That in our former work environment, we worked as a team, that everyone took ownership and shared task management. How we both admired and enjoyed that environment. The concept of responding “that’s not my department” didn’t exist. In fact, I know in my heart that if I ever uttered this statement to anyone, my supervisor would have for me what we call a “coaching opportunity.” If I decide that it’s in my best interests to utter this statement more than once – hereby ignoring the “benefits” of the coaching opportunity – I might just find myself in a Performance Improvement Plan.

Ironically, knee-deep in the quagmire that is Black Friday, we find a symbolic example demonstrating how not to treat customers. Heck, of we here at the Friday Fun Fact Command Center ever uttered those words, we don’t know if an episode would be distributed!

All For One, and One For All…


Tunes of the Week:

I Don’t Know – Ozzy Osbourne

Signs – Tesla / Five Man Electric Band (original)

We’re Not Going To Take It – Twisted Sister

We Can Work It Out – The Beatles

Great Expectations – Eric Carmen


Raise A Satisfying Glass!

May Your Black Friday Be Followed By A Not-So-Black Saturday!


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