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Runner-Up, Most Unnecessary Film Of The Year: Chipwrecked. Do we really need a 3rd Alvin & The Chipmunks movie?!

Most Excited Viewer of the Most Unnecessary Film Of The Year: BeckyW. Have at it, Becky…

Army/Navy Game: Here’s to a “field of battle” where everyone survives. Go Army. Go Navy.


There I was, innocently watching the big sports channel during my workout when I saw it. It scrolled across the bottom of my television screen on the sports channel ticker like an apparition. And, to this moment, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the concept. It read something like below:

New NBA contract calls for steroid testing, while HGH (Human Growth Hormone) testing is still being discussed. Players will not be tested for recreational drugs during the off-season.


Can someone draw this out on the whiteboard for me? I’m just a bit confused. Let’s review the tragedy of events for those who haven’t been playing along:

  • First, we can’t come to an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.
  • Then, we have an extended lockout.
  • The lockout comes to a “celebratory” & quite seasonal end, and all is forgiven just in time for, yep, you guessed it, Christmas!
  • All that’s left to do is re-certify the players union to vote on the contract, and then have it begrudgingly ratified by the owners. (Special Note I: by the way, the owners of small market teams are working hard to help the league veto trades that create super teams.)
  • And now, we get these little details scrolling across the bottom of the sports channel screen that I guess we assume we won’t put together in the end.

I think that about sums it up. Anyone have anything to add? Please let me know.

OK, now back to the issue at hand.

I’m really at a loss on the drug testing policy, or there lack of, for NBA players. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have anything against NBA players, or the alleged drugs. However, can ANYONE tell me of another collective bargaining agreement for a major company or organization that specifically states that testing for recreational drugs won’t be done during certain instances of employment contracts?

Maybe there are things about this contract that shouldn’t be publicized. I’m thinking this might be one of them.

Let’s also point out that these “employees” are athletes who make a boatload of money.  Shouldn’t these athletes consider how these recreational drugs will affect their performance? I know that we have some young athletes who have been photographed allegedly making choices/mistakes that young people make. And, I also know that there are debates regarding the legalization of some recreational drugs. The Committee & Friday Fun Fact organization will leave the judgments on these issues to the court of public opinion. But we do enjoy pointing out the absurdity of specific situations.

If we make a play to extend the hyperbolic analogy (Special Note II: GregK just rolled his eyes.), let us compare to the average employee under the average terms of employment contract.

Isn’t this like saying to the Average Joe, “Go ahead and partake in recreational drugs on the weekends?”

I’m really thinking I haven’t seen this in an employment contract, news story, or work environment (Special Note III: OK, maybe in the counter-culture work environment). The last time I checked, as well as discussed with the unofficial Friday Fun Fact Thursday Night Meeting Group (Special Note IV: Uh, much different from The Committee, as this group focuses on episode creation, unbeknownst to them & me.), when accidents happen at work, employees are actually – and, get this – tested for drug use. This implies that drugs better not be in your system, or you are suspect (I say, SUSPECT!) to termination.

Then there’s that whole role model thing. Like it or not, when you are in the public eyeball, you have the opportunity, and responsibility, to be a role model to young kids & young adults on a national & international stage. How do parents explain to their young child that their favorite NBA player got caught with recreational drugs in the off-season?! “Oh, don’t worry Billy, he’ll be done with court by time the season starts. It’s OK for them to do recreational drugs in the off-season.” Talk about a conflicting set of parameters for kids! Do we have to drag out the old PSAs (Public Service Announcements) with the infamous “this is your brain on drugs” demonstration?

So, outside of being on Tony Montana’s or George Jung’s payroll, or being a rock star, I’m thinking this clause regarding recreational drugs should be re-thought instead of following Alice down into the rabbit hole…


Tunes of The Week:

Smoke A Little Smoke – Eric Church

Because I Got High – Afroman

Reefer Man – Cab Calloway

I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again – Toby Keith

Hits From The Bong – Cypress Hill

The Private Psychedelic Reel – The Chemical Brothers

Good Vibrations – Beach Boys

Mary Jane – Rick James

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Astronomy Domine – Pink Floyd

Purple Haze – The Jimmy Hendrix Experience


Raise A Legal Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By A Lucid Saturday!


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