What’s Not To Like About Facebook?!

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RIP: Earl Scruggs. That was some mighty fine pickin’ & playin’…



Keep On Playin’!: Jamie Moyer. At 49 years-young, Jamie earned a spot in the starting rotation for the Colorado Rockies. Who says playing a game can’t keep you young?!



Episodes in Review:

What Does Regular Smell Like?

Thank you to all the viewers who responded to, and enjoyed, our deodorant episode. Your criminal activities will remain our secret!

Take A Number! Or…

Apparently, our resident blog writer is not the only one who would love to have a voodoo doll in hand when visiting the grocery deli counter…


The world has gotten a lot smaller since the Internet took over. And every day, the Internet grows. Heck, it even gives would-be writers a chance to be read on an occasional Fun Friday. Somewhere between the Texas Instruments 99/4A,

the dot matrix printer, and the kindle fire, grew an incredible electronic social network:


The very site where you can link to this blog. Oh, and you can probably “friend” people there. A good friend of mine, someone I consider family was actually frustrated with me (Special Note I: Really?! Can anyone really be frustrated with ME?!) because I wouldn’t “friend” him on Facebook. First and foremost, if our real life friendship depends on our friendship in the virtual world, then maybe we need to unplug for a while. Most importantly, and as I kept explaining to this friend, we are more accomplices in life – the kind of friends that have enough raw data on our criminal experiences – alleged criminal experiences – that blackmail becomes a true potential reality. (Special Note II: We did say alleged, and we did say potential.) In the end, accomplices like that don’t need to be “friends” on Facebook. Still, I think it was his favorite birthday gift that I accepted is friend request.

I get it. It works on a lot of levels. It helps people re-connect with those from their not-so-long-ago or very-long-ago pasts. It gives voice to your events & activities. It allows those who desire to do so to promote & support important social causes. Facebook allows people to let their masses (sometimes referred to as “peeps.”) know what they are doing lately.  It also serves as an important marketing tool for upcoming brands & companies, as well as established retailers.

One good thing about Facebook is helping start-up businesses and start-up dreams find support and fans to grow. It is an additional networking avenue that gives life to the possibilities…

For example, one of my friends from a writer’s group I attend, Mark Kwasny, has a funny website and book out about a character named Miserable Milton.


If you enjoy his work, you can “like” him on Facebook, and thus help promote his humorous take on life.

Even though I submit not to the gods of “friending” often, I did hold my breath, close my eyes, and click on “like” to help out a buddy. Whew! I made it through that experience!

That type of stuff is good & productive.

Besides some of the interesting gaming (Special Note III: We use the term “interesting gaming” VERY loosely.) available on the site, we also find something very absurd when it comes to “liking” something on Facebook:


I know this comes as a surprise from someone who attempts to write savings articles, but does it make ANY cents (sense) to “like” something on Facebook, just to get a coupon?! I remember the days fondly when coupons actually arrived with the newspaper or in the mail. To paraphrase the immortal words of the great fictional character, Ellen Griswold, you could cut them out, “and everything,” Clark! Now, in order to get 50 cents off a frozen pizza, I need to like it on Facebook.


As crazy as the concept is, I get it – companies utilize Facebook to promote their goods & services, regardless of the level. It’s just like an election – get your name out there!

But there are limits to the chaos. For example, hygiene products. Does anyone really need to know what feminine hygiene products you are using, or what brand of regular-flavored deodorant I slap on after my weekly trip under the garden hose?

I think not!

And, if anyone wants to know which brand of chocolate chip cookies I’m working on to bring my weight loss into equilibrium, please just stop by and open up the pantry.

For the record, I really do like Miserable Milton – I bought the kindle version of the book. But I’ll tell that to Mark in person. And I truly enjoy getting updates on my friends from far off places, just to have a small window into their lives when we haven’t touched base in a while. But as for what toothpaste I use when I crawl off the couch at 3am before I find my way to bed, well, I think that should remain between me and my grocery store cashier.

Now, if Facebook could just help us out and teach some of our under-achievers how to use the ticket dispenser at the deli counter, we might be getting somewhere…

Oh, by the way, would you please “like” this blog on Facebook??


Tunes of the Week:

Hook Me Up – Bon Jovi

Hot Spot Junkie – Queensryche

Digital Man – Rush

Blame The Machines – Duran Duran

Screaming In Digital – Queensryche


Raise a Virtual Thought & an Authentic Glass!

May Your Friday Be Followed By A Very Real Saturday!



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